J-Pace SUV Review 2018

J-Pace SUV Review 2018 - The XE is defined to be renewed in 2021, and the XF is scheduled to get a new variant in 2022-2023, and both are expected to be produced in long-wheelbase versions for the Chinese marketplace. A new version of the F-Type is scheduled for 2020, which some suggest are going to have brand new, own-brand straight-six under the hood and a hybrid version has also been promised. 

The F-Pace is performing well, especially in the US, plus a plug-in hybrid vehicle is expected along with a facelift in 2019, but it won't be until 2022-2023 that we get a new creation. The I-Pace we already know about, but success could potentially see it produced in the united kingdom, China and even India as well as Austria where it is being made initially. 

The E-Pace will find a hybrid powertrain in 2020 and a facelift likely a year later, and a new all-electric XJ is expected next year. It's impossible to ignore the giant strides Jaguar has made as a brand during the past couple of years, and a regular feed of new versions is largely responsible for its increasingly high profile. It appears as if the trickle of new versions is going to turn into something of a flood as the company seems to adjust to a very different future for the automotive sector. It has just been revealed that a new model to be called the J-Pace is in the pipeline to have the Porsche Cayenne, but it turns out there are a further eight models also on the Jaguar horizon in the coming years. 

The J-Pace is inevitably going to be yet another brand new SUV, which is hardly a surprise after the sales success of the F-Pace and the positive reaction to the new I-Pace. This all-new model is scheduled to arrive in 2021 with the Porsche Cayenne firmly in its sights, but it will have a brand new form and will be built on the same platform and with a lot of the running gear from the Range Rover. 

Unfortunately, the other new models on the horizon are going to be a lot more familiar than the all-new J-Pace. In fact, what we're really talking about are new-generations of current models and the possible reprise of an old favorite. The XK is the title that looks as though it could be making a comeback, but it is likely to have an all-electric powertrain and make use of the XJ's architecture. 

The previous version of the XK (last produced in 2014) was an out-and-out sports coupe and convertible, but it's believed a new XK is far more likely to be something like a grand tourer based on a modified version of the XJ human shell.

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